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Asia Book List


Book List

Asia – Geography

Asia : Everything You Wanted To Know – Margaret Hynes

Asia – Bethany Onsgard

Asia – Rebecca Hirsch


Lost And Found Cat : The True Story Of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey – Doug Kuntz And Amy Shrodes


I See The Sun In Afghanistan – Dedie King


ABC Israel – Rachel Raz


I See The Sun In Nepal – Dedie King


India – Chloe Perkins

To Market! To Market!- Anushka Ravishankar

Mama’s Saris – Pooja Makhijani

Monsoon Afternoon – Kashmira Sheth

India : A Benjamin Blog And His Inquisitive Dog Guide – Anita Ganeri

South Korea

South Korea – Chloe Perkins


Dodsworth In Tokyo – Tim Egan

Grass Sandals : The Travels Of Basho – Dawnine Spivak

The Origami Master – Nathaniel Lachenmeyer

Wabi Sabi – Mark Reibstein

The Sound Of Silence – Katrina Goldsaito

A Pair Of Red Clogs – Masako Matsuno

One Leaf Rides The Wind : Counting In A Japanese Garden – Celeste A. Mannis

Tsunami! – Kimiko Kajikawa


China – Chloe Perkins

Daisy Comes Home – Jan Brett

The Story About Ping Marjorie Flack And Kurt Wiese

Lon Po Po : A Red-Riding Hood Story From China – Ed Young

The Cat From Hunger Mountain – Ed Young

The House Baba Built : An Artist’s Childhood In China – Ed Young

The Seven Chinese Sisters – Kathy Tucker

The Empty Pot – Demi

The Shady Tree – Demi

Tikki Tikki Tembo – Arlene Mosel

Bitter Dumplings – Jeanne M. Lee


I was going to link each of the books on Amazon, but some are hard to find and don’t have current listings. Most of them are available though, so if anyone would find this helpful, let me know and I’ll update the list!

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Build Your Library Crate Review

We are using the Build Your Library curriculum for our geography and reading. We follow it very loosely, but I really love the book suggestions and activities. This year they started a Family Reading Crate, where they ship 3-5 books all sharing a theme. Each crate has something for the whole family. Books included are generally a picture book for younger kids, a family read aloud, a book for older kids, and a book for adults. It also comes with a little something extra related to the months theme and bookmarks.

I was really excited about this since my son is starting to read on his own, and I want to introduce as many different topics and styles as I can to peak his interest. We missed the first two months because they sold out so quickly, so when I saw the theme for March was “Goblins, Magic and Fantasy, Oh My!” I jumped on it immediately.


Books included in the March box:

The Goblin's Puzzle: Being the Adventures of a Boy with No Name and Two Girls Called Alice
The Goblin’s Puzzle: Being the Adventures of a Boy with No Name and Two Girls Called Alice

Shadow Magic
Shadow Magic

Wintersong: A Novel
Wintersong: A Novel

The Goblin and the Empty Chair
The Goblin and the Empty Chair

We’ve read The Goblin and the Empty Chair a few times already, but haven’t started the others yet. I was really excited about the book for adults, but honestly I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately, so this one is (literally) shelved for now.

Extras: The discussion questions are a nice addition. The bookmarks are also appreciated because even though we have a million bookmarks floating around, it seems like we can never find one when we need it. Honestly, I could do without the little plastic dragons because I’m trying to reduce the amount of *stuff* we have, but my 5-year-old likes them so…

Value: The box costs $34.99 (shipping included) and the value of the books in this month’s box per Amazon is $37.18. As with any subscription-style box, there is a chance you might already have something in it or might not care for the selection, but I trust Build Your Library to send quality books.

Overall: For future boxes, I will definitely buy boxes with themes that interest us. I probably won’t buy every month since we have a great library and I’d rather borrow them first rather than buy.

April Crate: The theme for April is “Bookception: Books Within Books“. If it interests you, jump on it quick because they sell out super fast!

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Learning about France


Photo by Carissa Gan on Unsplash

We are starting France! We’re especially excited for these stories because we hope to take a trip to Paris sometime in the near future. These are the France specific books we got from the library. We also own Linnea in Monet’s Garden (a favorite) and are using the Beginner’s World Atlas, Angry Birds Explore the World, and Children Like Me, along with a few other general books about Europe.


Oh and we already finished the Greetings from Somewhere book about Paris. Not so sure how Flat Stanley will go since we haven’t read the others before it. We just read Adèle & Simon and loved trying to find all the missing items in the illustrations.

We’ll probably watch the Madeline movie, which apparently has a scene in it about eating a chicken named Fred, who happened to be a friend of Madeline’s. I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen the movie, or know how the rest of that scene plays out, but it was an interesting little tidbit to find on YouTube.

For an art project, we are going to do profile silhouettes, from our Global Art book. I actually think we might be able to turn them into Christmas presents in some fashion.

There are several activities in our curriculum (Build Your Library) for Linnea in Monet’s Garden, including drawing a picture of your family, creating a Japanese bridge painting, and learning about the flowers in the garden. Since it’s late November and there are no flowers blooming here, I might get some from the grocery store and do a mini flower unit. We’ll do some more in the spring, but it would be a good tie in to talk about the different parts of a flower.

I haven’t decided what food we’ll make yet, but maybe an apple tart or chocolate filled  croissants.